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Leopard XWD by Username3d3

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Its awesome again mate, as close to mac as its possible to get, but I cant get me stacks to work in grid view. They do in Fan mode but not grid. Any ideas ??

It´s the ski dude, try other skins and stacks will work, hope you can fix it, I really liked ur skin!

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Fantastic mate.

Can you tell me how to get rid of the very thin white line that goes round the grid. It very small perhaps only a pixel wide.

Thats what I'm fixing right now. I really just noticed it, because I had a light background but when I switched I saw it so just hold on while I fix it.

Edit: It's fixed dude, re-download first post.

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Excellent work, username3d3! :D

If you wish, move the download link to our pinned skins thread, then ask a global moderator to move this thread to our forum as a normal (non-sticky) thread; this is the way I've found for conciliating a single skins thread with the wish of skinners for receiving feedback of their work. In this case, it's up to you to decide whether doing it tho...

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