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Leopard7 for XWindows Dock


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My idea wasn't to make real copy, but to make it from basics and better.

To take everything what we love from Aqua and from Aero.

This skin will fit perfectly on Windows 7, or copycated Windows Leopard.

Aero glass, not Leopard plastic. Aqua icons and style. Leopard size.

It's big, so don't tell me you want smaller version. You just got used to small fakes.

Make it better. Get used to class and style. Window reflections look better on real glass, nor plastic.

Included sounds, stacks, icons and fonts.

Skin works on XWindows Dock 5.2.3

As BOBAH13 releases new versions of XWD, it will be updated.


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I like it, works great depending on how you would like to portray your desktop. But does this mean your quitting making a skin that actually looks like OS X's dock? I mean THIS IS GREAT but I was just wondering. Oh and, I also wondered, what are the stack icons for that you always provide in your ZIPS?

Keep up the good work! *thumbs up*

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