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'09 Desktops

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gorgeous. although it looks a bit more like november to me. :)

can someone finally answer my question about what music player/skin that is?

It's a desklet form Avedesk. It's called Avetunes (*requires iTunes)

I don't remember the skin's name, I think that you can find it on DA.


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It works great, only a few issues, for exemple the mac finder toolbar for windows doesn't hide the adress bar (you have to do it manually). On the other hand one thing I adore of leopard is focusing so i'm modifying this WB skin in order to have it, but i must confess that is not easy 'cuz the dimensions change (see image)...

I got issues too with the common places text while mouse is over, 'cuz I wanna change the default color but WB simply doesn't let me do it!! But as you can see the tree control in the sidebar works perfect with fonctional arrows and white text while selected!

In general I gotta say it works like a charm!!


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