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Meebo Skinning

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I don't want iChat for windows, and I want this for the new macbook im getting tommorow. I hate Miranda and I love meebo, so I want help with monkey scripts or something. If you don't want to help then just don't. I also don't want anything to do with iChat. I like meebo cause it stays in the webrowser. So I would like someone to help me with scripts or something. Plus a whole lot of people who want meebo to be customized some how.

[[ Edit: ]]

So I'm only going to be criticized. Lovely.

Someone asked about skinning meebo earlier and no one came up with a solution. To be frank I was hopping some time that this idea could make progress, cause meebo is awesome, except that it is ugly and looks like it was made for windows classic.

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shadyblues13, stop double posting. I'd also appreciate it if you would either link your mockup/screenshot or make it slightly smaller, as it's breaking the layout.

KAWSquared, whether or not your post was constructive is debatable. That it was rude is fairly obvious. Likewise for your recent post in the "red chair icon" thread, which I took the liberty of deleting. Tone it down, hmm?

Happy New Year's to you both ;).


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Jesus, what's with all these posts lately? Seriously, stop being lazy and skin Miranda.

There IS NO iChat FOR WINDOWS. That includes the fact that it has no video effects. So all of you nooblets out there, stop asking the same question a thousand times over.

i like your style.

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