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Love Knows No Boundaries

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Love Knows No Boundaries

This wallpaper has a story. I received email from a young man. He wrote (extr.):

'...I met a person in university - I am sure you are familiar with the feeling - THE person, the one that fits just right. We spent two outstanding years together. Shared a lot, discovered a lot, grew up and built plans for the future together. But fairy tales don't last long, do they? ...there is no way for her to permanently stay here with me. She has only two more weeks after which she is gone back and despite all our feelings for each other we will be thousands of kilometers away....

Both me and she have been admirers of your work, quite often being able to reflect our feelings and emotions through it. I wanted to give her something that will be significant for her and make her remember. I can only hope that you will be able to answer my plead...'

How could I not reply? I created this artwork and named it Love Knows No Boundaries - because it is true! I hope it can help them, as well as, maybe, you?


More sizes, download for mobile phone, send as e-card to a friend:



Thanks for viewing! And while I am here, Happy New Year :-)


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