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SongBird VS iTunes??

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On Mac it's iTunes all the way, it's built into the OS perfectly.

If it a PC, I wouldn't touch either, I've tried them both, iTunes is just to bloated, plus all the other stuff you have to included (quicktime, Apple updater etc) is beyond a joke.

SongBird looks nice, however isn't light on resources either, plus who wants/needs a browser built into a media player.

For me it's got to be foobar2000, it's a bit of a pain in the butt to set up, but once you've got it, it's light and fast. I've got about 45gb of a music library, including album art, and the application sit at just over 50k.

If they could get F2K to run to on a Mac there would be a mass exodus from iTunes, but I don't see it happening any time soon.

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i believe you. ive been testing the sounds from WMP and Winamp and WMP has better output, for a reason. I have a pair of JBL speakers and they sound really good and live with WMP, but with Winamp they just sound dead flat. I need to tweak winamp and put any kind of enhancements to make it sound a bit better, yet not better than WMP.

Does iTunes sound better than WMP?

Another thing, WMP is not that bad now, since i think it comes integrated with Vista i guess is the same kind of performance like iTunes on a Mac? any ideas on this?

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I have both iTunes and fooBar installed on my machines...

I run iTunes at home because that is where I sync with my iPod and I like it's playlist management.

But, at work I run with foobar. It has such a small memory footprint that I can run it easily with all my development applications...plus there are some beautiful skins out there for it - and it is easy to skin too.

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