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Matonga, this is really great! I might mnever use Widnows Explorer again once it`s ready :P.

Now, I`m having a problem; i use iconPackager to change my system`s icons, and fingerxp loads them all correctly BUT the folders.

(... Also, I would just love it if you could make it skinnable at some point ...)

Thanks for your great work.

I'm not sure what's the problem with IconPackager, but IconTweaker works flawlessly. I believe that Matonga is using IconTweaker, and he added support for it and not IconPackager. Maybe this will be one of the updates FingerXP receives a little further into the year.

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Hi Matonga, great work so far !

Btw , I have discovered a little problem with long file names in column view.

They aren't displayed fully, and the grey arrow is placed over the filenames, which continue right after the grey arrow.

I see you solved the bug in the column view but the same problem is still there when you switch

to coverflow mode. Would be great if you could fix this too :)

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Now, I`m having a problem; i use iconPackager to change my system`s icons, and fingerxp loads them all correctly BUT the folders.

I do use IconPackager and IconTweaker, but it seems it only shows those folder icons with the Windows Explorer (Desktop too), and if you use the Opendialog/Savedialog (from any application) the folder's icon are the old ones, they remain unchanged.

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Looks like it's been a while since the last post on this, but I wanted to ask about some things that I thought might be easy to do for this app:

1- can it be set up to open up by default to the "coverflow" style of view?...Or could it be perhaps set up to a default view for the user to choose? I like using the coverflow view as a default at least. It's just a bit odd to have to switch to that view every time I open up the browser.

2- can it be set up to allow modification to all the areas (Devices, Shared, Places)? You know...kind of like Styler? Right now all you can mess with is the 'Places' section, and I'd like to remove my floppy drive as an option from the "Devices" section. I'd also like to add a false "Search For" section to make the browser look totally for real.

3- has the icon thing been figured out? It's kind of a tough emulation to pull off when I have an awesome looking dock/object bar/wallpaper....and then the ugly yellow windows xp folders/other Windows icons show up everywhere. All of the sudden people don't think I pulled off a Mac on my HP (usually people are always asking me how I managed to pull it off because the visuals look so convincing).

4- would there be a way to allow the user to make the choice of enabling or disabling file movement (like add, delete, cut/paste, and moving files)? I actually LIKE the limitation because it takes away the possibility of errors. I work with sound libraries a lot and have accidentally moved huge folders of sounds by accident (my mouse has a mind of its own sometimes). Since my audio programs have to link to the exact location of a sound file, moving them by accident is awful. It'd be cool to have that option in place to prevent accidental file moves.

This app is really really awesome, I'm glad it's up and running and I'm sure it will be even better soon enough, just thought I'd ask about that stuff.

Thanks Matonga for hooking this thing up!

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