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Preview iLife Suite on Windows

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I don't see that iPhoto is such an important port, now that Picasa 3 is up and running, I've used them both, and at first I thought iPhoto was brilliant so easy to use, however since picasa has came along I believe it's knocking the spots off iPhoto.

What I'd love to see it a port of iWeb. For a complete moron like me it's so simple to use and makes a website look professional without much knowledge of html and css. I've tried various software over time but nothing comes close to iWeb.

As for the port of the whole iLife package, I can't see that happening before the devil laces up his ice skates. ;)

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How about iMovie, I know i know there's a lot of other video editing softwares, but iMovie is way different from Premiere Pro CS4, and Sony Vegas pro 8

I tried mostly all of the iLife apps, except for iWeb and iPhoto

but I really would love to see a garage band, and iMovie, iPhoto i don't think it's needed since we have Picasa 3 which i think looks very much like a professional photo editor, and yeah you get the point

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I've seen the keynote about iPhoto '09, and I have to say it's impressive.

Integration to the web, and with Facebook and Flickr and with the iPhone...

But the thing that discourages me the most, about doing a clone under Windows, is the face detection and recognition stuff.

I'm pretty sure coders at Apple do consume cannabis, extasis, or whatever, hehehe.


Of course I'm mostly pretty sure they bought the code for face det/rec, to someone else.

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