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Happy Christmas 2008


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Try concerning yourself with any issues you might have in your own life, or whatever you call sitting on your computer chair the whole day

Thankfully, sitting in my computer chair the whole day is how I make my living :). I work, I get money. I get money, I make my happiness. Thus, it is my life. Thus, it's what makes me happy.

Speaking of which, my new coffee cup is insulated =D. To test it out, I made a cup of Hazelnut and left it out for 2 hours. 2 hours later, it's still hot! Now I'll never have to walk to the microwave! Thanks, mom :D.

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Marry Xmas to everyone here!

Let everyone know what your wishing for and what you get.

I wanted a MacBook Pro... though I know I would get only some blank DVDs as always.

But, for some reason, this year I got a bottle of Fernet Branca, and another one of Gancia.



(yeah, both alcoholic beverages)

So I guess Santa wants me to stop coding and start getting drunk? dunno :D

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