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VistaOSX '09; Making iTunes and Safari match it?

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I installed VistaOSX '09 a few days ago, and I love it. My only issue, however, is that iTunes and Safari don't match it at all. Not so much color-wise or anything, it's the minimize/maximize/exit buttons. On everything else, the buttons are OSX-styled and on the left (I'm using leftsider), but Safari and iTunes remain unchanged.

How can I change iTunes and Safari's minimize/maximize/exit buttons to be OSX-styled?

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Don't use safari and iTunes. At least on Windows, they're bloated, and if you're going for straight up os-x emulation, they're not even the best at it.

What are my other options then? I want the OSX look, and the functionality of Safari and iTunes.

Plus, isn't iTunes my only option since I have an iPod? I want OSX looks, but not bad enough to stop using my Touch.

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Use Firefox. Skin it like Safari using either FoxDie or Grapple Yummy. For iTunes use an older version of it and use the MultiPlugin. I think it's on this site actually. There's my two cents.

Do older versions of iTunes still have cover flow?

Are either of those Firefox skins compatible with FF3?

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Grapple Yummy is compatible with FF3. And the newest version of iTunes that has the MultiPlugin does support Coverflow, so you're in luck. http://www.aqua-soft.org/board/showthread.php?t=41373

You'll have to uninstall iTunes first though. You might get an error about the Library being made by a newer version of iTunes, so search for the iTunes Library in your computer and delete it and it should work.

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