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Mac Finder Navigation Toolbar for Windows

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Have you restart the Explorer? My up button should be shown, when you replaced the default up button...


I´m waiting for any Updates ;)

- LeftMargin

- A configurable Button to start a custom application

- language-files for translations

- some bugfixes

Btw, i´ve updated the Winleopard-Style: http://rockngothalien.deviantart.com/art/W...Style-107161982

- Add Modifications Buttons for a individual Theme-Configuration

- Add Addressbar-Highlight to the Folders-Button in the default-theme

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This Toolbar is very cool and GREAT

Whit this toolbar using the Leopard Finder Styler toolbar icons and Findexer working in Leopard XP Brincopack and ObjectBar with real Leopard theme modified on Spanish I have doed a Leopard semi-perfect skin and only need hide the oter windows menubar

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If I am with the toolbar enabled, my explorer crashes when I click on the fonts folder of windows.

If I disable the toolbar I can access the windows fonts folder and explorer does not close... happens to anyone else?

Using Windows XP SP2 Brazilian

It caused a pretty nasty crash of explorer here too, on XP SP3. If this bug gets resolved then I will definitely take another look at this. Great work, though.

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Theanks KSoft I have working for get a most good Leopard loock every day if you want this toolbar use your Mac finder navegation toolbarbar (Free stiler toolbar) whit the Styler toolbar Leopard skins for reemplace the default free styler buttons and get the Leopard style in the Windows explorer but mai result a bug and hide all the buttons Be carefull but is great the combination

Sorry but is a Windows XP with Leopard XP Brincopack 1.0

Do not double post - read the guidelines - mps69

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I din't know if it's because I use 64bit, but on my vista, the only thing I can close in explorer is the menu bar. There's no way I can make it work

I am having the same problem as the poster above with error messages and I had to go to task manager to delete the process Whew.

Also I did download the dll and how do I install that and your new version Help please!

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