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Mac Finder Navigation Toolbar for Windows

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thanks for theme name, I've found it on Deviantart. Again, it looks ordinary on my PC.

Btw, is it looks the same way after explorer restarting, theme changing?

Please use "bg.png" (in theme folder) then.


Yes, you are right on testing/developing stages but I mean rather that then I need rewrite some things for Vista: there other search mechanism (maybe easier but I don't know yet), that bar visible there is already good :), other thumbnail sizer etc. So I've tried to justify myself somehow ;) I think the best way to install Vista in VMWare.

On toolbars visibility, please try set all toolbars as you wish and turn menu on ("Menu bar"). Then close window and open again. If all looks like in previous moment then just close menu.

On QTToolbar. I think it's rather easier to make own tabs (theoreticaly) because QT is a separate project but I work with explorer. Look, if you enable standard buttons then you will see that QT's buttons also not works with standard navigation right (back, forward).


It's because the scrollbar, I'll see how it can be fixed. Is it XP on screenshot?

The most problems with toolbars (I really want to fix it but it's Explorer's problem on saving it's position) can be solved not only reinstalling. You can try open only one Explorer window, set all bars as you want and then close this window, restart explorer.exe in taskman.


Unfortunately I've not tested in Vista absolutely yet :(

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Yes, it´s XP SP3 with some addons like:

- Your Toolbar ;)

- WindowBlinds

- WindowFX

- QTTabar

- Objectbar

- And many other, but i don´t think that they important for bugfinding...

Ok i will try it ;) I have only realized that as soon as i installed your toolbar, the explorer don´t save any settings like Toolbars, Size, Position, Iconview, etc...

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Where is the Leopard theme from?

I think RocknGothAlien port it from Styler, right? :)

Actually, you can replace buttons from styler's themes. I just decide to draw my own theme for preview.


It's a pity that there some problems with Explorer. I don't use somethink special to change view style, position etc...

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It is too simple, thus it is impossible to create all states: selected, disabled/pressed. Also it's difficult to slice image to separate parts. For example, if buttons have various sizes we should write many settings to slice it right.

On plugins, this would be great but there are many difficult things too: all operations with plugin-icon in dock is only action with this icon but there are many interfaces. You can show Findexer by clicking on button in v0.2 but it's the most simple operation. Again for example: you wish to operate files or folders in Explorer's tree panel. Heh, I'm even not sure how realise it right :)


:) Cool!

What happens if you write some word in search box and press Edter?

This should run search in current folder.

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I'm very happy to see new mac-like customization program comming out. I felt like these ideas were dead. Good job on doing it. I would like to see it on vista too so I can test it.

Thanks, matmat07! I feel that in vain has returned to XP ;)

Vista rules now, especially on notebooks.

Very nicely done.

One question/suggestion/request. Is it possible to have the path/breadcrumb show up like it does in osx?


Thanks, Timan! :)

It's possible in Windows but I think it should be done not as part of this toolbar but as separate application (it's needed to place one more bar), not in this project.

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@fobm4ster and @JBar2000,

I'll upload a new version soon so maybe menu/address bars there are fixed (if in Vista it works the same way).

EDIT: Please try a new v0.3 (see first page). There are some bug fixes.

I tested it out. Now at least the Menu Bar doesn't show up! :D Same problem with the Address Bar though. It just won't go away. Probably because the Vista and XP ones are very different. Keep up the good work KSoft. Hopefully they'll be a more Vista-friendly version soon.

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well tested it out, menu bars gone, but as jbar said, address bar is still there, and oddly so are my explorer buttons(back and foward) ill have to edit my windowblinds theme for that, other then that, its coming along really nicely. This just might become the most loved software for vista to mac emulation

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KSoft: Absolutely nothing happens when I type a word in the search box and press Enter and that's why I'm asking...

woah just saw that too, odd...

another problem for the newest one is that, it has a set background(the toolbar) and so since i have a whiter leopard theme, it ends up looking weird.

So you might want to remove background on toolbar

edit: nvm i removed bg.png and it disapeared, so ignore that

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Yes, thanks, I know. That's a small bug but I have not corrected it yesterday so decide upload a new vesrion as is :)

EDIT: Does not save my choice. Takes from explorer.

Sorry, what with bar on screenshot? Looks right, in't it?


On search, please try in simple folders, not in "My computer" etc. But this not works in Vista.


This background image is optional and it's needed only if you have problems with background.

Is Address bar can be hidded with menu? (I mean it works but visible again after restart or can't be hidded from toolbar's menu at all?)

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Yes, I´ve created this with a transparent Background. I wondered about the difference in Photoshop and Explorer.

Here is my created Search-Field: searchcy6.png

The effect is in Photoshop and here more darkly than in (my) explorer^^

By the way, much thanks for the fast Updates :)

Edit: Update of my WinLeopard Toolbar :)



Some small fixes and merge foldertree-path-folders together

Edit2: The Bug with the wrong Optionsfield-Position, is only in connection with "Stardock Objectbar"

Edit3: It´s possible to add language files? I would like make a german translation. I could it with Reshack and Hexedit, but the english words mostly smaller than the german words^^

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