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Leopard for XWindows Dock v5.4


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great skin dennis....hehe...keep up the good work...though it still surprises me that some people still sarcasticly comment on your work... yeah i knw criticism brings improvement but hey..we can say it in a polite way ey??...anyways keep it up!! is it possible to make a perfect clone?? hehe =p

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just wanted to say that I'm testing new version of skin for XWD 5.4 and both shadow and normal versions are working with window reflections now. when XWD 5.4 will be released skin - also. I will include some more stack icons, holla :)

Why don't you keep this as a top secret like Apple's Keynote?

When Bobah annouced "I published my new......" then many guys who read this must say "OMG.." etc.

and download the new version as soon as they can.

That's colourfuls of life, IMHO :)

Thank you.

P.S. Live from the Macworld 2009 keynote


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