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Mini vMac Color

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Oops! I forgot to mention something. If you have Macintosh System 7.5.3 or 7.5.5 installed, you can't choose a different color desktop background. But I found a solution. You need the 'General Control' panel from Macintosh System 7.0.1 and send it to your System Folder. Restart, then choose the background you like. And if you want, you can create one using your favorite colors!:D

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Sound is a compile-time option... and I didn't bother to check that option when I compiled the build you are using!

I'll compile one for you with sound when I have a bit of free time. Meanwhile, you can try yourself if you like. Here's the build instructions:


In addition to what you see there, the build option for Macintosh II emulation is '-m II'

Also, the desired color depth is chosen with "-depth". "-depth 0" is black and white (the default for now), "-depth 1" is 2 bit color (4 colors), "-depth 2" is 4 bit color (16 colors), "-depth 3" is 8 bit color (256 colors), "-depth 4" is 16 bit color (thousands), and "-depth 5" is 32 bit color (millions).

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