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Buying an XBOX 360, PAL or NTSC?

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Hey guys, i will buy the XBOX 360 in a day or two. But i found that xbox comes in 2 versions i.e PAL and NTSC wise. Now PAL is cheap here in kuwait and NTSC is almost double the price. Checked the local stores, they have PAL and NTSC games. So now please help me sort this out asap.


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My All New XBOX 360 Pro (60GB) NTSC version, With the game that I got free (PES 09). Hands Down, best game ever played.




TV is normal CRT TV (philips 32") which really does not give me that thrill as I have it when i play on uni's 52" BenQ HDTV (1080p). But the good thing is that I have connected my stereo to the TV and i have good audio.

Everything needs XBOX Live, what is the best deal (buying online;$50, or getting that card;$40)

I only have this game as of now and I love it, Since tom is Eid, I plan on getting another game and I am thinking Gears of War 2, good choice?


Here is the back part of my TV which part should i use, red-white-yellow or green-red-blue. Also please tell me which one is called what. If i use the latter one there is no audio.



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Red / White / Yellow jacks are for component. The Red and White jacks carries the audio signal and the yellow one, the video.

The reason you don't hear any sound when using the Red / Green / Blue jacks is because these are composite jacks. They only carry the video signal. Each jack carries the individual color stream instead of combining them before sending them to the television. This ensures a better visual experience.

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