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Next Gen iTunes Possibly?

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Decided to do this while bored and using iTunes 8

Video options should be incorporated into music screen just as the small thumbnails so you can still see album artwork of track playing but also of movies you may wanna play.

When this option is chosen the bar on the left hand side and tracklistings temporarily get replaced with the video thumbnails.

Scrolling down from the left causes thumnails to move along the bottom to display new/unshown ones and vice versa for when you scroll from bottom for a slick seamless flow.

Once video is chosen video screen pops up and plays video perhaps either replacng album artowrk box for a preview then option to view in fullscreen?

Once Video is closed menus and displays go back to normal so there should be a button just like the ones you use to change display from coverflow,just text etc etc

Gosh I was bored but I think it would be a cool feature if it ever did get featured in iTunes!


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