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My latest Mac OS X visual style for Vista


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i give some of my latest screenshots before realease, my mac style visual styles for vista.

there ready about 2 compact color aero versions , and 2 transparent style ones.

on first screeenshot there is a gray style compact aero version



differencies in comparison with my older versions

NEW menu bar on applications (= menu bar for notepad, photoshop etc), and new butons with white mouse over text.


NEW menu bar on explorer window (= menu bar for my computer, my documents etc), and white mouse over text.


New searchbar redesigned. Specific designed [searchbar]on start menu bar, new white arrow on All Programs.


New designed light blue tab item ,toolbar, and butons for browser, see on internet explorer.


New Comunications blue [mac spotlight style] toolbar and buttons [transparent style ones], see on Windows Fax and Scan.


also see Windows Calendar and Windows Mail.


All these changes are only on the visual style [mstyle], non other dll changed[exept ofcourse the forward, backward buttons on browseui.dll].

thanks to PandaX for support.

Ave Andreas, this final work is vista style builder made.

Inspired by Zeus.

my gallery http://zeusosx.deviantart.com/







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Hi! I like it :)

The only thing I'm still looking for, is how to get the buttons closer to eachother... And that's why I just can't skin Vista yet to make it look like Mac. Windowblinds isn't a working option for me either :(

But besides that, the theme looks cool!

on aero, for now is not possible have closer distances. ofcourse i could designe and making look closer, but the button would work only at a half, that means that solution has not the fuctionality a user wants.

But on aero basic the buttons at closer , equal distances, see aero basic of one of my vista visual styl




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When do you plan to release it?

HOPE this month.


I am working to this from November 2006(with windows vista rc1 first, and vista rtm after) UP to now December 2008, having done on past some realeases, see my gallery http://zeusosx.deviantart.com/gallery/


because changing the code make sometimes things not working as should, forexample streched the corners of an image[even if the sizing margins are corect] or taskbar mouse over images reversed control, those all must be solved first.[at least the most]


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Hello, when do you think this VisualStyle will be released? It looks great just one minro adjustment may be made. The taskbar, the icon for the apple is silver in yours, in Leopard its black. I have the file here if you want: http://www.mediafire.com/file/2zmagmwzzen/Menu-bar.zip Its my ZIP so don't worry about Viruses, and I give you permission to use it and anybody else also. Just change that taskbar please.

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ZEUS os X F OS for vista by ZEUSosX http://zeusosx.deviantart.com/art/ZEUS-os-...vista-107157411

ABOUT LOGO apple buttons and other image elements , i make my personal osx version view (for windows vista) and not (a copy of) that of Apple's , so i preffer using a white apple logo instead of black one, but i thank mvosx1094 for the offer, thank also BlaZeOSX for the support and all people support my work.

My work is based on the spirit of os X, and not a copy of it.

ZEUS OS X : FOS designing rules, follow the principles of abstractiveness and simplicity, under Zeus inspiration.

IN ancient and in nowdays Hellenic (=Greek) [ Active CODE ] language, every letter, and every word is a specific number , and it has a specific meaning.

ZEUS ( or DEUS or DIAS) is Master of immortal Gods in Hellenic (=Greek) Active CODE [arithmetic machine logic] language.

His Main weapon is lightning and lightnes. He could transformate his alive code MATERIAL BEING to whatever He likes.

APPLE is the given gift from ZEUS, in this Hellenic (=Greek) tradition.(so the using of apple logo i choose, and ancient hellenic(=greek) symbols like maianders, tetraskelion of Zeus [tetraskelion of Zeus=svastica = gammadion, is the symbol of ZEUS in ancient Hellas=Greece],crosses and much more )

SO , i am trying to show the relations of the clasic hellenic=greek with modern times and eternity.

The light comes from apple's technology, interface also looking, and i Think that it is our choice to transforn it as a part of progress in our tradition style.

On screenshot there exist a golden chest of king Philip II , father of Alexander the Great, with the sixteenth Macedonian Sun, from Macedonia Hellas Greece (4-3rd century bC

All features referenced in my work are subject to change.

I do not allow modifications of my work.

Thank you All of you, for your support.

Made in H E L L A S (= Greece ).

Inspired by Zeus.



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