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Looking for a monitor

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Looking for a nice new monitor ^_^;

It'll be my primary one, with my current taking place at it's side, and as I'm a gamer, it obviously needs a fast response time, good dot pitch, and a good contrast ratio.

Problem is, I picked up those terms from the product information and a little googling, and I have no idea what they actually mean. Google will tell me what they are, but not what is good, so I'm calling on you guys :D

I'm looking for something that's about £150 (POUNDS, not dollars :P (I'll probably be using ebuyer.com, so you could check prices there :))), preferably widescreen, with at least a 1680x1050 resolution (Though I'd love to go higher, despite the weird sizings it would make with my current 1680x1050 monitor), and as big as it can be!

So if any of you guys can reccomend anything, or just put those terms into a simple explanation, I'll love you for it :)

(Also, will there be any issues with my graphics card (ATI Radeon X1300PRO), it handled 1680x1050+1280x1024 just fine, but I'm sure these things must have a maximum output resolution (It's only 256MB vram, after all), but if I need to get a new card, I don't think my PSU is up to it :()

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