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REXN for Bowtie

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Download at deviantART: http://paralexlx.deviantart.com/art/REXN-104068440

So Reaze told me about this app today. I decided to download it and within 2 minutes I decided to make a theme. So here it is, REXN for Bowtie.


Here's some FAQ.

Question: What does REXN stand for?

Answer: I have no clue.


Tools Used

• Photoshop CS4 Extended

• Property List Editor

• Taco HTML Edit

This is for use with Bowtie and Bowtie only. I won't make a CoverSutra port because a) I'm lazy. B) I don't use CoverSutra anymore.

Hope you enjoy! Thanks for downloading! :)

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