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Make Me a Logo!

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Well, here goes. I have been successful in making a server from scratch. Works fine and dandy, and I've come across the name "cloverfield". I liked the movie, yes, but something else fits there. I like the fact that it sounds very... code named. I also like that it also fits the same circumstances as the movie, like "no one knew where it came from" because I just absorb spare parts like a sponge.

So this is what I ask of someone with good graphics skills. I need a logo for my server. One that somewhat implies the movie into the design, and makes it somewhat geekish.

Anyone care to take a stab at it?

Oh, and thanks to my sincere friend who is also my co-runner of my site (thanks, Dan :D), http://twogeeksonesite.com/, he designed me this for my SSH login text:


(stand back if you can't see it)

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