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My School - the new Mac Lab

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I recently discovered to of my fav teachers have decided to make a new "Mac Lab". Finally! We have the most crappy XP SP1 PCs for the lab and this sounds like were going up on technology. As a member of my Comp. Academics team, I decided to host a fundraiser. In total we need $60,000 for like maybe 30 iMacs, Software+Licensing. Help me and one school at a time, US schools will go to the Mac side!

This is my school site, please help me out. http://www.icsmiami.org/ .

I swear only help DON"T SPAM!

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Eeep, might want to put this... somewhere else if you want people to go to it :

Most people would consider this spam -- nothing against you, it's just that spam is so widespread here.

So where should I post my Info, I'm serious about this plus I HATE SPAM and all that shit to death I would never do that. Since your an advanced member, advise me where should I post this.

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@ mvosx1094

Before I donate money to your fundraiser I would donate myself some money so I can get a Mac ^^

Makes sense but its not really for my sake 'cause this will be my last year at that school, its to show the lil' ones who look up to me and my grade that there are better computers in the world than ****ing Windows XP SP1 (or not even IDK :D) with Office XP or preferably 2000). Were in ****ing 2008 going on 2009 they should really get a ****ing grip on TechEvolution!

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Please Dream_Team, don't start that again.. there will be a lot of grilling on the same.

Its a really good idea to switch to Macs, and i dont need to explain why.


Anyways, i am in University and since the number of Graphic Design students are increasing, Uni just made a new GD lab (ofcrse macs) The first lab has the Mac Pros, but the new one has the new 3.06Ghz iMacs. Uni paid for it ofcrse.

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