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DeskVibe (DeskModding News and Release Articles)


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DeskVibe is a brand new deskmodding forum with a friendly community and atmosphere. The site is built around a minimal interface and runs on Vanilla, making it easy to find the things you need and focus on the content. Everyone of every skill level is welcome to join

I hope you guys enjoy the site, and please post any comments or feedback you have :)


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well how do i get in? it says i have to login or apply for membership. what do i do?

Now all you have to do is apply for membership, we've overhauled the site completely and have started accepting new applicants. Just register and you should be activated quickly :)

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Sorry for the double post.

The site is now hosted on a new server and our downtimes are finally fixed. The site should be up 99% of the time now :D.

If anyone wants to help out and become a staff member just message me, we could use some moderators.

Also, what do you guys think of the new design

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