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Learning Photography

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I am an absolute beginner in Photography. I have realized that I have more interest in photography than i thought. Is there any book or "Video Podcasts" which might show me and teach me how to learn photography. Right now I am trying the Point-and-shoot camera on myself. However I do plan to get a DSLR in future.

My friend currently has Digital Art Photography for Dummies Book. Is that the best book for an absolute beginner. Or is there a better book?


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As long as you get in there and actually play around with a camera, pretty much any book is good to start off with. If you have a library near you that's a great resource. I've been out of the loop of photograpy myself, and I've decided to get back into it so next week I'll be getting a new Canon G10 :D The great thing about digital photography is that you don't waste film learning.

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I'm a fan of Architectural Photography. I find that heavy juxtaposition really helps along with the picture itself. No matter what anyone else might tell you, I find that focusing on one part of a scene and blurring the rest out is...not ugly, but not something I would do if I had a camera that was capable of professional-grade photography.

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Best way to learn:

Get a used analog SLR camera, e.g. a Nikon FT-2.

Pluck in 400 ASA film, turn off all automatics, no flash and go.

Take notes of which settings you used with each exposure.

You'll soon pick up tricks that puts the automatics on any DSLR to shame!

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BH2 .. those are some awesome results (really awesome!). But dude.. you cant deny the fact that you're using a DSLR camera. (D2 if i am not wrong?)

@herd: thanks for the tip. If I said i had some cash to spare (hypothetically). which camera would be the best from me to start off with. I mean if you tell me which camera it is. I might get a budget for that in like 1-2 months. And I dont have to buy used stuff..

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herd is right, experimenting with film (it may cost for developing, but the cost of a 35mm camera is significantly less than a DSLR) will yield way better results, and you'll find yourself more focused (excuse the pun) on achieving good results, as opposed to getting snap-happy with a digital, henceforth learning alot more, quicker. I've got a few cameras, the two I mainly use are a Canon 400D (digital) and an Olympus OM-2 (35mm) and by far the Olympus produces better pictures.

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Hmmm... I think the film v digital arguement has been done to death. I reckon digital has caught up and overtaken film, having said that there's film and there's film.

For learning the ropes I agree that film is the way to go. The main reason I switched over, apart from curiosity was the cost...

There are some great deals on used cameras on the bay.

Good luck and happy snapping... let's see those results.

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Yeah of course, digital is what I started with. Personally, I wouldn't splash out on anything extravagant though. Have a search on some of Flickr's groups, they hold a lot of info on topics such as yours. It's also an idea to have a look on people's Flickr pages to try and find the type of photos you'd like to take, and see what camera they're using.

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sure man as of right now clicking the crap outta my Cannon Powershot A550.

Please take a look at this set of images that I click and please comment on them telling me how to improve or just how you feel about it.

I am searching for some groups, but if you really do know some good groups for learning photography please do tell me. thanks

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