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Formatting my PC, again

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It's the time of year that my beloved PC tells me : Format me or I will continue piss in' you off. So I need some advice. My PC is quite uhm, what's the word, oh yeah, old. I have a Original Windows XP Home Edition SP1 2002. Everytime I format my computer, I need to re-install the updates. Now my PC has XP SP2. Is there's a form of downloading it for free, and saving it on a CD and format my PC that way (legally of course)? I know there's XP service pack 3. What disadvantages does it has over SP2 (I know that it has better security, stability, etc) disadvantages. Thanks :) -OH and just two more things, how can I make a clean installation, and some maitainace advice after the formatting process is completed. :D

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