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Also, maybe look at building you own depending on how your country regulates imports.

Here I found that if I bought the hard drive and the case separately from a company in the US and not operating in Canada (aka Dell, etc) then they were duty exempt but, if I bought an assembled unit then I'd have to pay taxes.

Personally, I ended up getting one from the same guy who repaired my system and he assembled it free. Took it apart when I got it home and there is nothing to putting them together.

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you mean a fast 3.5" SATA HD (internal desktop) and then hook it up to an enclosure? Is that a cheap deal or expensive?..

Any good brands? hows seagate, maxtor? (suggestions?) - Have no idea on these as the only external HD i have is the 80GB Buffalo ministation (costly, but got it as a gift..:D)

Total Memory i have:

Deskop: 80GB (yea thats it)

Macbook pro : 200GB

Buffalo Ministation: 80GB

USB Flash: 2GB

and i am done.. how much of memory do you guys have?

wonder how i manage in this much.. i burn stuff to DVDs..:D

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