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Skins and Support Files for v5.2.3


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It's holiday...it was Christmas..so...just a skin that I tried to make it for this ocasion ;)

Not like it so much...it's hard to create snow ..and the edge of Dock is ..not perfect...but until Denis700 will make the updated skin for new XWD version...

Credits for dock background, icons and imagination ..just Google ;)

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I assume the person wants a guide on how you ported the skin to xwd.

So if it's about that, It's too easy:

You need 16 .png images to make the skin:

1. Three for skin's borders (left, middle, right)

2. One for skin's separator (it's called "Break")

3. One for stacks preview's close button

4. One for stack's "open" button

5. An indicator

6. One for "stack on" icon and another for "stack off" icon

7. A "Folder" icon

8. A "ControlPanel" icon

9. A "MyComputer" icon

10. A "Recycler" icon (this must be the "recycler-empty" icon)

11. Another icon for "RecyclerFull"

12. An icon for "Unknown" applications

13. And a "Poof" image

*Most of these images can be taken from "SkinsCurrent" folder. Then you'd just need to make the skin, the separator, and the indicator.

To convert it to ".smxd" format you'll need the "Config.txt" and the "XSkinMaker.exe" which are in the "tools" folder.

"Config.txt" works like this:

Description=???---------------------- Skin's name

Use3D=???------------------------- It defines if it's a 2D skin or not. For 2D you write "no"

PanelHeight=???---------------------- Indicates panel height in pixels.

BottomReflection=?------------------- Indicates mirror's position from the edge in pixels ("0" for 2D)

DrawAs=???------------------------- Indicates drawing mode, can be "strech" or "tile".

LeftBorder=???.png------------------- Skin's left border image

MiddleBorder=???.png----------------- Skin's middle border image

RightBorder=.png-------------------- Skin's right border image

Break=???.png---------------------- Skin's separator

Close=???.png---------------------- stacks preview's close button

OpenFolder=???.png----------------- stack's "open folder" button

Indicator=???.png------------------- skin's indicator

StackOff=???.png------------------- "stack off" icon

StackOn=???.png------------------- "stack on" icon

Folder=???.png-------------------- default folder icon

ControlPanel=???.png--------------- control panel icon

MyComputer=???.png--------------- "my computer" icon

Recycler=???.png------------------- empty recycler icon

RecyclerFull=???.png---------------- full recycler icon

Unknow=???.png------------------- unknown application's icon

Poof=???.png---------------------- "poof" image

When you replace "???" with the image's name that you'll use, you save the "Config.txt" changes and drag it over the "XSkinMaker.exe", then a "Skin.smxd" file will appear.

Change the Skin name to the once you put in "description" space.


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Comin' back to show u another "idea" for skins. As Atreiu gave us ideas to change skins I try to "change" the theme of skin.

Now it's About Ancient Greece ;) it's a 2D skin. Now i'm workin for 3D one.

This is a first release of a bunch of skin that I'll do containing history themes ( an idea that cames last night)..So 2nd will be some 10.000 B.C. skin...and continue with Roman Empire, and going to our days...

I wanna tell me what all of u think about this "idea"

And now the screen from Greece 2D skin...it contains personalized icons for MyComp, Folder, ControlPanel, RecycleBin :D...yet :D

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Happy New Year guys!! again

Another skins...Greece 3D and....ta da daaaa....finish Roman Period...just for u ;)

Skin includes icons based on theme too...I have many more icons but no idea where to assign them.

Hope u'll like and even 'll use them too :D

PS: I will do a version with sound..but for now it;s enough what I realized ;)

PPS: Now i'm workin on Prehistorical Period ;) Hope to release it next week.

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@briareo & rpliego

Guys can we have requests and help in English, allowing everyone the benefit of problems and solutions.

Please don't make me enforce this rule again. ;)

I'll remind EVERYONE yet again

This is a release thread only as Panta has mentioned several times, he is trying very hard to keep this thread clean, and for releases only any more help request will be ignored or deleted unless posted in the correct section.

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Let's show another piece of ..art :)

A new skin maded with Matonga's SkinEditor...easy as u pronounce: "Matonga"

A pirate version including sound for dock...It can be 2D or 3D whatever u wanna ;)

Sorry for no Thumb picture of skin. I'm on a Mac right now...

Hope you like it ;)

Later I will add a shot to this.

PS: Arrived home... made the shot for this skin. Enjoy.


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Because there are so many request about a shutdown-Docklet, and because I have no idea, why I would need a docklet for such a function, if everything i need are build in stacks and a tool from the web, I want to post my solution here:

I wrote just 5 simple vbs-scripts (shutdown, restart, log off, standby, hibernate), these work together with the microsoft Tool psshutdown.

In the zip you will find everything packed together: the psshutdown.exe, the scripts and the icons.


1.) unzip anywhere you want

2.) add the vbs-files to a stack

3.) change the icons

In the screenshot you see the result.

It works under XP for sure, but I had no chance to test it under Vista, so Feedback about Vista would be cool.



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I've purged this thread of anything I think isn't a XDW Skin, Docklet or Language release.

For general help with XWD go here

For bugs please post here

Finally for help with XWD skin editor here

Once you have entered any of these thread use the search function, most things have been mentioned before

Hopefully for the final time, this thread is for Release only, if you want to thank the creator, I'd suggest using the PM system.

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Add iShut in XWD

1: Decompress, zip in the directory xwd


2: Add Stack in XWN


3: Add in to stack iShut.exe or x/files.ink


4: Edit properties and Change PNG

Caption:Shutdown..............Parameter: -s......................./icon/Shutdown.png

Caption:Log off..................Parameter: -l......................./icon/Logoff.png

Caption:Restart..................Parameter: -r......................./icon/Restart.png

Caption:SleepHibernate.....Parameter: -h......................./icon/Sleep.png

Caption:All.........................Parameter: -a......................./icon/Shutdown.png



edit settings.ini to select other skin

replace seven

the result.....



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