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Skins and Support Files for v5.2.3


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So, I'm creating this thread in hope that we can concentrate all Skins and Support Files (e.g. icons for docklets) for XWindows Dock at a single and easy to find place. This will work only if we can agree to publish them here, so it's up to us making this a helpful thread. ;) One thing that I ask you all is to:

keep comments and requests at the original thread!

The purpose of this one is solely functioning as a repository. So, announce there and point to your topic here; if you have a comment about something published here, do it there. This is a release-only thread. Thanks for your collaboration!

I'll publish my updated skins in forthcoming topics.

Thanks to all,


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Blackest Leopard updated for v5.2.1

Inspired by a Mirsguy's OD dock of the same name, I pay homage by preserving it's name; totally modded by me from publicly available sources tho.

Hope you dig it! :D

Edit: skin updated for version 5.2.1

p.s.: after v5.0, StackOff.png is being copied from the skin to 'Current' directory, but only after restarting the dock, whenever a skin is changed,... :(

Here's a preview and a screenshot of a previous version of it at my desk...



Blackest Leopard.zip

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Two docklets:

Weather Docklet



Clock Docklet


Screenshots soon.

These docklets will soon be incompatible with newer releases of the dock, as soon as Bobah (can't remember his real name) fixes a bug which is being fixed by the docklets now. This is, download the docklets, use them, but keep this in mind if you update the dock and they suddenly stop working. Of course I'll post the update then too ;)

Weather docklet is now compatible with XWindows Dock version 5.2.1

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Give away day! *w00t*

After receiving permission from it's creator (see below), I can finally publish for your delight "MrStylo's" Battery Icon Set. It's been just slightly modded to fit XBattery's specs (1 new icon, 1 modded icon).

Thanks to MrStylo for allowing me porting this beautiful set! Original pack at dA: http://mrstylo.deviantart.com/art/Battery-...etDock-90069597


@atreiu: please feel free for including this set into XBattery's pack! :D

@all: just unzip it into your XWindows DockDockletsXBattery folder, preserving folder structure inside the zip file.




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Here is another battery icon pack: PNYD-OD Battery Meter Icons by tooparannoyed. Original pack at dA: http://tooparannoyed.deviantart.com/art/Ba...-Icons-62491616

It's been modded to fit XBattery's specs (1 new icon - from our default set, 1 modded icon). Thanks to tooparannoyed for making this pack under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 License (see included Readme.txt).





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