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Facelift XP

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I'm trying to write an app like Lefreut's TrueTransparency.

The problem with TT is I cannot make a skin with window icon left to the caption (as in Mac OS X). I vaguely recall I contacted him about this a lot time ago, without a response. :(

Fortunately enough to me, I'm a developer myself, so I'll have to solve it my way :P

Facelift will, for the most part, be like TT, but with... ok my father calls me by phone to do some stuff (I don't live with my parents). I'll edit this post later.


No facelift (default Windows skinning... ok this is a Leopard visual style, but you get the point):


Window now facelifted:


Notice the app icon to the left of the caption.

Also note the improvised skin :P I promise release app will have a better one.


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Ok, this is progressing really slowly :(

At least I've done a mockup of a Leopard-like skin:


The shadows are missing, also I'm considering some options to give a borderless look to apps such as Notepad, what I mean is I noticed apps like TextEdit and iCal doesn't have left and right borders in Mac OS X Leopard 10.5.4, so it will be good to have this kind of skin-per-app option.

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