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Which Social Networking Site Do You Use



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    • Myspace
    • Facebook
    • My Yearbook
    • Tag
    • Classmates
    • Friendster
    • Bebo
    • hi5
    • Other

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So myspace and Facebook are getting good votes. But mate you should also add Orkut as this one is quite popular here in Brazil.

My personal choice is Facebook, fresh looks and nice contain.

I don't get facebook its to just ugh for me mabey its because I've had myspace forever and i just don't wanna restart i feel myspace is also more customizable

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I used to use myspace until everyone in OZ moved to facebook.

I liked myspace's customisation/html... despite the fact that theres so many horrible HTML pages, mine actually looks good.

Facebook connects people better though... live feeds and friend updates are more in sync- you never feel like your left out of the loop.

I guess thats why its taken off- Its far more 'Social'

myspace is still good for a perv... checkout the uniqueness of everyone's profile and get a feel for what they are like. Facebook is a little dull in that sense.

Ive also used VERV and like the concept... its a shame it hasnt taken off here otherwise Id use it instead of myspace (no more crappy html!)

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