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Which Social Networking Site Do You Use


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I dropped out of facebook... I was getting really annoying friend requests all the time because of my job and I just got tired of it. I set up a private bulletin board for my closest friends, and the rest can contact me over email ;)

I do use the geeks network quite a bit because, well, I'm a geek!! But I find social networking sites are overrated... they start out good, but then turn into some sort of ridiculous circus of make believe friends... IMHO.

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Used to by myspace...

in fact when Facebook took off, I was a fanatic about Myspace being better and Facebook being a phase.

With customizable profiles and more personality, Myspace was a better way to show one's originality.

But then I started using Facebook... Now its all I use.


Quite simply, Facebook is more 'social'.

It connects people effortlessly and you don't have to have a 'cool' profile in order to be popular.

I just wish they'd clean up the annoying Apps... and maybe add some basic profile design customization... Something more like twitter where it still looks professional but with custom colors and backgrounds.

Myspace is full of crap profiles, stalkers and quite simply- none of my friends use it any more so its for creeps.

Twitter... well, its a bit of an over publicized fad if you ask me.

I think Its good for randoms wanting to make quick rants, 'ooh look at me' posts and short n sweet political statements...but I think facebook is the best 'social' tool for making real friends and staying social with them.

I think Forums are great too... but more from a hobbyist's point of view... who want to share ideas, ask questions and get various help from the likeminded.

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Both Orkut, and Facebook are good, though Orkut is banned in many countries and has comparatively less options as compared to FB. Also, social networking is not a waste of time if you dont get addicted to it. I log in to FB for nearly thirty minutes daily, which my friends term "less" !!!

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