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Hey guys,

I have owned a PS 2 for some time and gave it away to my cousine before 3 years.. And never owned anything else.. coz i liked games on PCs .. But now i want a console and most of the guys are enocouraging me to get XBOX 360.

But there is an option for PS3 as well. Please help

My friends tell me that i should wait if i am getting xbox because a new one is coming up?


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My friend got a PS3 because he didnt feel like busting half a G on a BluRay player.
Yeah, a lot of people have seemed to do that. It's really that that bad of a deal, to be honest! If I ever desired a bluray player, I'd get a PS3, too.

I own a 360 as my main gaming machine. It used to be my PC, but the 360 was just too good to ignore anymore. Finally, something out of microsoft that was decent -- too bad about all the proprietary bullshit, though. Doesn't matter though, it's still a fun as hell machine.

Yeah, don't lecture me (or anyone else for that matter) about anything being better than the other, because they all have their ups and downs and everyone has their own opinions. This is mine :P. I like the 360, and I hate the Wii, and I'm sticking to it!

Oh, and if you do decide in the end to get a 360 -- screw the Elite:

-Get an arcade for like, $199 USD.

-Buy a black faceplate and case mod from ebay for dirt cheap.

-buy a refurbished 20GB HDD from gamestop.

--Modify the HDD (use Google, or if you really want help, PM or IM me) by putting your own 500GB (or whatever you want) hard drive in the case, and use that.

Bingo! Your own kickass 360.

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Okay guys, Sorry to mention but i hate the Wii..

And i am not looking for any blu-ray player.

So i want the best "GAMING" console, (i like games like PES 2009, Fallout 3 (i know its not out yet)) And i know they will be on XBOX 360 (or are).

So if i plan to get an XBOX 360, i will not buy the elite. I heard a new XBOX 360 is coming.. any confirmations on that one?

Well mates its not like XBOX 360 is $199 here.. Its KD 150 (= $ 560) but oh what the hell... i want the console!!


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I honestly don't see why everyone seems to say "oh if you want blu-ray, get the PS3." It plays games too, and good ones in fact. Just see which exclusives are on each, and choose for yourself.

Hey man, he asked for advice, not lies.

But yeah, Keep the gaming PC, and I'd go for a 360 (if I had to)

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Hey man, he asked for advice, not lies.

But yeah, Keep the gaming PC, and I'd go for a 360 (if I had to)

I don't know what you're talking about, but if you're referring to me being wrong about a good library for PS3 games, then I just have to laugh at you.


Resistance 1 and 2

Metal Gear Solid 4 (and Metal Gear Solid 5 whenever that comes out)

Killzone 2

God of War 3

Ninja Gaiden Sigma (remake of the first one, as it's better than Ninja Gaiden 2 anyways)

Ratchet and Clank



Heavy Rain


And not to mention the fact that almost any fighter is (unless you buy a gamepad for the 360) ultimately way better on the PS3 due to the most god awful directional pad in existence being on the 360.

Also, the PS3 has built in Wi-Fi, which can save quite a bit of a hassle, rechargeable controllers without having to buy any extra batteries.

And, some games for the PS3 (mostly FPSs, I haven't heard about any other genre) have special keyboard and mouse mods so you can just plug in and play with a keyboard on games like Unreal Tournament 3, making it play a whole lot better.

I'm not a PS3 fanboy (I have played both extensively), but when people make false statements like saying that the PS3 has crap games, it gets pretty annoying after a while.

EDIT: Also forgot the fact that PS3 can actually work well with third party items, especially HDs so you can very easily just plug in an external HD and it'll see it. Same goes with bluetooth headsets, it'll detect any one, not just specific ones.

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I played the PS1/2/3 at the university hangout tent. And i'd have to agree that the controller is good and everything but then i tried the XBOX 360 and saw the functionality and everything.. boy its a good console. No offense to PS3 (or its fans) but thats just me.

@phantom: what are you talking about .. arcade does not even have a HD. I think i will go with the normal 360 (not the elite).. whats more in the elite? Is it just the HD space?

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Well if this helps...

I've had third red ring happened this morning. Had one in July (elite/falcon), September (prem), and now this morning the replacement elite.

I love this damn system, but my god its a ****ing piece of shit hardware. Not happy this morning...

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I'm a proud PS3 owner and it was an excellent choice I made. Sony is an excellent company for making high quality products that last for years. Unlike Microsoft, Sony thinks of their customers. Right now Sony is making the PS3 an excellent gaming console because of feature enhancements and the newly In-game screenshots feature. There's more to come though.

Now Bluray is the future disc. It is very important to be up-to-date with technology. Bluray gives HD gaming and enough space for large games. Also, this makes uncompressed graphics possible for game developers. The PS3 includes a hard drive that can be used to install games and make loading much faster than only using the disc.

Worried about game quality? No need to worry. Connect the PS3 with an HDMI onto a 52inch HDTV and your not going to notice any quality loss because most games are 1080p. Now that's something impressive.

Worried about friends? If you have friends on the PS3, you can communicate with either messaging or voice. If your playing a multiplayer game, talk to them either with a headset or just send each other messages.

Is Bluetooth important on a game console? The answer is no. The PS3 includes Bluetooth because some PS3 controllers, headsets, and other accessories require that to work wirelessly. That is your choice to use wired or wireless products.

What about the games? The PS3 just started. The XBOX 360 was available in 2005. So I don't know why your thinking about the amount of games on the PS3. You want to play something similar to Halo? Buy yourself Resistance 2, SOCOM, or COD WAW.

What about SIXAXIS? The Nintendo Wii and the PS3 use motion sensing. Some PS3 games such as GTA IV use SIXAXIS as an optional feature. Use it for steering, reloading, combat and more. Don't expect the XBOX to have motion sensing controllers anytime soon.

My computer broke down? What am I going to do? No problem. If you have a Ubuntu CD, you can install it onto the PS3. From there you need a USB Keyboard and a USB mouse. The PS3 can be your personal computer too!


Now, Microsoft is known for making bad hardware. Most XBOX owners have had error messages and hardware failures. When I mean "most", i defendantly mean most. Also, Microsoft is known for money hunger. Why do you need to pay an XBOX live subscription? That's pretty stupid.

Will Microsoft adopt Bluray? Nintendo might but not Microsoft. Since Sony is their enemy, they don't want to have an argument. What's the solution? Either they stick with multiple DVD9 discs or you can purchase and download the game.

It's an excellent strategy for Microsoft actually. See, if games are too large you don't want to switch discs over and over again. The solution is to install the game onto a hard drive. If not, the solution is to purchase the game and download the game directly from Microsoft. This is where they will make extra money.

They might ship an XBOX with a Hard Drive. Now, how many games are going to fit in the Hard Drive? Here's Microsoft's plan "Well since there's not enough space for your game, sorry to say, but you'll need to buy another hard drive". That's really sad. Well, what about Internet Speed? If your going to download a 7GB game, you really need a fast Internet connection. Here's Microsoft's plan "In order to enjoy our exclusive content, a fast Internet connection is required." There goes your money.


Like what Steve Jobs said "They have no taste".

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OMG jmymx1.. dude.. that article is touching. I mean really seconds what timan has to say. But i cant change the fact that most of the games that i like are available on xbox 360 and i am not a hardcore gamer. I have a friend here in kuwait having 360 (he is not a hardcore gamer but he plays way more than i do), and he hasnt had any RRODs till now. And many of my friends here have XBOX 360 and PS3s (considering this is kuwait and people just filthy rich). So i think ima stick with buying the XBOX 360.

This should not be considered an offense to anyone, but this is just my deicision. Thanks for all of you guys' replies. I will keep you posted when i buy the console!..

Thanks to you guys again.

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