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New MacBook Pro

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Well, maybe -- we're not calling it official until Steve pulls the cloth off himself tomorrow morning . Still, there's no denying the similarities between this image and all those other case leaks we've seen, and the list of specs we've been given matches up as well -- that "metal and glass" enclosure now houses an NVIDIA GPU, but no FireWire 400, and video-out is apparently through a connector "more compact" than MicroDVI. We'll find out soon enough -- oh, and just to amp up expectations, Boy Genius says he's confirmed the existence of an $899 part number in Apple's retail systems. Counting down...


The new MacBook Pro. Now with a gorgeous iMac-esque glass display, double Nvidia GPU's, and no buttons. What's better than this? Well, there's a base MacBook Pro rumored to start at just $899. We'll find out tomorrow. ;)


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I hope they don't make them glossy screens mandatory... at least not on PRO's.

I prefer matte. I love matte.

OT : Seems like this Pimp boy is doing good job keeping up with news. Mods, you can kick me out of newsposters group and let him have my place. I'm not being really up for it recently.

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