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How much difference would 4gb RAM make?

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It would boost performance tremendously if you're a gamer or somebody who uses video-editing apps and such, but if you're a casual computer user you'll probably only notice a slight bump in performance. If you want to upgrade for the sole purpose of new versions of Windows it would be best to wait, as RAM is constantly going down in price.

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With that you also need that much powerful processor as well. If you are using P IV and using 4 GB RAM than I do not think that will make any difference. But of you are using latest version of processor with 4 GB RAM than I am sure you will experience a great difference.

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Guest corona111

You need to make sure you have a 64bit operating system aswell, basic 32bit operating systems cant address 4Gb of RAM, and as says above it depends what you use your system for if its just word processing and the internet then you wont see much of a diffrence, you will if running high end graphics programs, video editing software etc.

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