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October 14

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The Spotlight turns to notebooks.

Its official, Apple has planned a special event for October 14.

Did nobody else notice the word 'Spotlight'? Or am I just reading into it too much? What happened to the days when Apple really did put hints into thier invitations?

Like all of Apple's worst kept secrets these days, chances are we already have a good idea of whats to come;

New Macbook and possible Macbook PRO redesigns with the possibility of a completely new macbook version...

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Meh, you should see the guys speculating over at MacRumors and AppleInsider; quite amusing.

Tbh, I think that it should actually be "a redesign for the MacBook Pro and a possible redesign for the MacBook".

The current MacBook Pros are in need of a beef up of specs. I can by a better sony and install OSx86 for half the price with better specs.

I REALLY want an updated macbook pro - don't care if its been created by the 'brick' procedure just better specs!!!

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I'm hoping the MBPro gets a redesign. They've been using the same basic form factor since the Aluminum PowerBooks came out, and that was 5 years ago. Sure, they've added an iSight cam, but aside from that, nothing major.

As for the MacBooks, better specs such as a beefed up video card would be great.

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Oh bloody hell, can't wait! But I don't think that apple will make go forwards, they maybe go back to basics, as with the iPod nano.

back to basics?... what did apple strip out of the nano to make it go 'back to basics'?

True, the nano was a refinement of an already popular formula, but i think ur using the expression wrong ;)

As for Laptops... I think the Pro's keyboard will definately see a change (to be more current spaced iMac like) ... I also see new case designs, slimmer, squarer around the edges, chunkier (but not in an ugly way- think Rangerover), sleeker, sexier...


I see coloured Macbooks. Not Pros, just for the whole uni/school student/ipod nano owner market. Also the Macbook screen will become brighter. The current one is crap compared to the Pro's... Think Beetle... actually no, think Cooper Mini-


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The current MacBook Pros are in need of a beef up of specs. I can by a better sony and install OSx86 for half the price with better specs.

And I can buy a Honda Civic for 5% of the price of a Ferrari F430 and make it quicker in a straight line. But it's still a Honda Civic.

We'll see a MacBook in aluminum (and obviously with a spec/feature bump), a MacBook Pro with rounder beveling (like on the MacBook Air) and a feature bump, and we'll see a slight spec boost for the Air.

And you're reading too much into "spotlight", Levi. What would you suggest that means? I'm thinking it means that the metaphorical spotlight is turning to some literal notebooks.

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