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Skinning iTunes

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When you download iTunes, why does it come with a skins folder with themes in it if you cannot apply them?

HUH!! Where? I never noticed it?

Maybe that's the skin folder from installation of Multi-Plugin, you might have installed earlier... for old iTunes?

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i opened iTunesLocalized.dll with resource hacker and in the dialog menu i got a a bunch of folders and on them i could change lots of things on itunes but what got my attention were some numbers that i believe is the code for the background color.....

can anyonw confirm this?

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As far as I know qtr files can only be opened on a MAC.

Don't scared me, lol

Just need someone to extract *.qtr files. The traffic lights are in the itunes .qtr file, the other files can be from the Kenzo mod. (objects.xib for moving the buttons to the left, locolizable.stings to get rid of the menu font.)

Björn, is there a way on windows XP to open and hack a .qtr file?


PS: To use custom fonts, the deal is with the iTunesLocalized file ;)

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