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XWindows Dock v5.2.3


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I Think the reflection should not go to the edge of the dock, if you compare to the Mac dock.

Once the smoothness and the exclusion will be implement that will be the best dock ever!

Keep up the good work!

Good point and I think it has been brought up before, thats one thing that makes me not use the built in reflections, they go over the edge and it doesnt look too good.

Hopefully Bobah knows.

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Exactly. In M * c, the dock overrides the reflections, and is displayed only when the images are transparent.

However, if you can create another part of skin that overlaps the reflections in the bottom, would be great.

I agree. Having four layers (dock, reflection, dock 2, icons) would give the most control to skin makers. The default theme seems to work quite well as it is right now, and so do most other themes that use reflections (with the exceptions noted above) so let's not worry about that just yet ;)

First let's see what new features Bobah has planned for us :D I'm so excited suddenly.

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I Think the reflection should not go to the edge of the dock, if you compare to the M*c dock.

That's a minor bug. Just use skins that don't have an edge like Integrated Dock by Eiq2.

The thing that bugs me a lot is the activity indicator since it's actually a useful feature and it's not discovering running processes really well.. or at all :).

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So... I think we must add into the skin following things:

1. Is it 3D or 2D skin ?

2. Height of panel if it's 3D skin

3. If it's 3D skin, set bottom value of icon's reflection

What do you think ? may be I should add something else...

To tell you the truth, I think the dock is perfect except sometimes it uses to much CPU.

Also the stacks animation could be a little more fluid, but other than that it's perfect man.

BTW: Thanks for your hard work throughout this dock, really man, thanks.

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So... I made it and what I have now (see screenshot)

and now we have new 3 lines (parametrs) in the skin config file:

Use3D - it's show what dock will use - [yes, no]

PanelHeight - it's panel height... default value is 40

BottomReflection - this value takes part in calculation. (sorry but I can't tell you it in English, but I'll try) for example on the screenshot you can see that icon's reflection and indicators aren't to the end :) because I put BottomReflection=13 and there positions are higher in 13 pixels. I hope you understand me... :) sorry for my english :)

and what about skins... please when you are makin your skin, you should use 2 rules:

1. Not use transparent for folder icon

2. Your icons (My computer, Folder, Recycler, Control Panel, Stack [On,Off]) it'd better if you make them maximum in 128x128 :) I think 128 pixels is enough

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So... I made it and what I have now (see screenshot)

and now we have new 3 lines (parametrs) in the skin config file:


Fantastic! The BottomReflection is great, i didn't use a lot of themes because of that, but soon i can! :)

I guess this add some great possibilities for Themers.

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Wow! I already was terrified that this great project was going to end like many others but it's a pleasure to see the motivation standing behind this dock especially bobah's effort. Everybody following this thread should donate at least a bit when his paypal account is finally ready to recieve money.

@bobah: Great news, with every new version it gets closer to perfection. But if you could take a look at the Win+M bug I would be even more happy :)

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First of all - THANK YOU ! CAN't WAIT for IT.

You remember, I'm here to test it too and if you want me to make skin fast so I will post it the same day the dock comes out - contact me at pm, I will do my best.

Bobah, you are great developer, already! btw how old are this great mind? :D

about another settings you could add is distance of icons from bottom. Not only their reflections. I mean if dock is 40 pix high, icons are like now. But if I make the height 60 pixels I would like to move icons a little bit to the top, I know you understand me.

I will prepare special version of skin for this.

Also, about 2d skin and 3d skin it could be nice to have not setting in config that this is 3d or 2d skin, but both files for 2d and 3d in one skin compiled file. So if ppl download for example my M*c skin, and they choose 3d dock - they have what they have, when they choose 2d dock, skin changes files to the black ones for example. But what you already did really really SURPRISES ME! !!!

Got no words to say thank you hah:)

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