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XWindows Dock v5.2.3


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Awesome, bro. This has potential to become a 1:1 mac dock clone. But as was said before, it needs a couple of fixes. My own piece of advice is tweaking the font and letting the user choose one at least for icon labels. :)

Peace, bro.

@Rickie - DUDE. Download the pack the guy posted, there is a correct NaMeless scurve! <3

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I'm sure you already know this, but I think when you minimize a parent window into the dock, all the children window should hide. RIght now, when I minimize photoshop, all the toolbars still float around :D

Edit: Hmm... I'll take my crack at making a skin :)

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Seriously, I love this app! I really appreciate all of the updates. I have a question with the latest update. Is it my computer or does the zoom animation seem less smooth in the latest update? Can someone try scrolling from side to side on their dock in the previous 4.8 and the new 4.8? It just seems very "jumpy" in the newer version. Maybe it's just me.

Thanks again for this app!!!

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here are some of the bugs i found

fisrt do not put a Xdocklet or esle it goes crazy

and also like when you hover over the icons its jumpy

also the stack grid effect is kind of slow compared to the older 4.8

but good job on the separator

shadow effects

and skin selection

thank you for the dock and im eargerly waiting for the next version

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I think I'll update version 4.8 soon :) I added 2D Dock, changed width of break on the dock and fix some bugs

I updated 4.8

so Bobah13 i was wondering if you fixed the installation problem of the first 4.8 release??

i think ur an amazing person now i have my OSX-XP that i really wanted and all i needed to finish was ur dock thnxz XD


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OK, Since I loved glare dock so much, and since the port that nickw made had a transparency issue, I decided to remake it using the files available.

I included a more 3d separator, a new control panel icon, a new recycle bin icon, and an open stack icon meant to be used with the following stack icon set: http://mheltin.deviantart.com/art/Box-quot...te-Set-77168787


Download theme link: http://www.box.net/shared/2ovf9m9eu6


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Fantastic BOBAH, this update has been wonderful, especially because of the separator, thanks! but I am having a bug, and that the first version that this happens.

the menu skins simply disappears after a while using. no matter what skin I am using. happens to anyone else?


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Here's a video of a bug that once and a while happens

The dock starts shaking once i put the mouse over it (its much slower in the vid)

And one question is there any way to change the recycle bin icon or default icons of a skin? EDIT: Nevermind found out on post#586

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Congratulations bobah13! It's getting better at each new release. :D

Here is my first contribution: Brazilian Portuguese language file for v4.8. Its name follows a suggestion for adopting this standard when naming language files, e.g. pt-BR for Português (Brasil), pt-PT (Portugal), en-US, en-UK, es-AR, ru, etc.

Keep the great work you're doing!


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Hi AndrewYY,

could you point me to your office icon set in your screenshot? I've been looking for a tolerable office suite for a while~ thanks in advance :)

I found most of the icons on the Rocketdock addons website. The only icon I couldn't find was Groove, and I found that with a quick google search of Groove 3D icon, or something like that.

Edit: Some of us aren't rich enough to afford CS4 yet ... <_<

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