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SP3...Worth the update?

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Well, i got the official notice from WinUpdate that they want to install SP3. So I have a couple of questions on it:

-Can the UXTheme be patched? Can I use Windowblinds, Styler Toolbar, Styler, Avedesk, the works?

-What are some known issues with it? What programs have ceased to work after its installation?

-Pros and cons of updating?

I look forward to your responses.

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- in my experience all the skinning apps you mention work in sp3. don't know about patching uxtheme though.

- some people have had problems. like people using HP machines with AMD processors (endless reboots after installing). my own machine works very smoothly after install (AMD Athlon 64 processor, self-built).

- pros: on productivity apps there is about a 6% gain in performance, solid. you get some Vista features for free (network access protection, keyless licensing). you get all the security updates to the date of release in one shot.

- cons: on games framerates can go down or up depending by about 3-5%. potential problems as stated above, so back up system/data first.

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After a format last week I'm finally up to SP3. FlyaKite pretty works fine although I discovered in forum threads here a couple issues that I easily avoided. Apparently there are problems with the login/boot screens so I didn't install those. Also, the UXtheme patch is out of date so you have to deselect that and get an SP3 patch separately.

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