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Welcome to Windows 7!


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Dumbasses, of course it looks just like Vista. Graphics are the last thing a programmer has to worry about. Leopard looked just Tiger when it was in beta stage.

I'm looking forward to W7, though I've had no problems whatsoever with Vista. I'm not looking forward to the Ribbon UI, especially in MS Paint.

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Am I the only one who notices that the sidebar has more similarity to Leopard's Finder?

Either way, I hope it has better functionality than looks(GUI is easily changed by someone knowledgeable enough, right?) because that's what would help everyone.

Perhaps UAC can stop being annoying while keeping its boost in security?

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@Sir Pampalot: Why have you decided to shift from photoshop?..:P

Guys W7 is supposed to be like Snow Leopard.. No change in the looks but just the performace.. ( in a way guys) (please dont kill me, i love macs..:D)

Because nothing is better than MS Paint for pixel art. If Microsoft ****s this up for me and turns it into something similar to Photoshop I'm going to suicide bomb Redmond. D:<

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Overall the interface looks a lot less cluttered than vista... more consistant, more square, more clean, less ugly glossed buttons, and just less divided into sections.

Im still not a fan of Aero's semi gloss on the tops of windows, the turqoise borders or the rounded window edges... I think Aero should be kicked in favour of a new theme- take out the turqoise colours and put in blacks, keep some transparencies- but keep it consistant.

All I want to say to Microsoft (because we all know they secretly read aquasoft threads for opinions) is keep it simple, keep it streamlined, keep it smart, keep it small, keep it smooth

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Engadget has a review on this too, just that i'd like to quote the guy, "Just dont mess it up this time!"


XD True, let's hope that Microsoft don't screw it this time. Im very entusistic with this new Windows, you can have Windows 7 With just 1 GB of RAM!

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