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Welcome to Windows 7!


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On January 2009, Microsoft will release Windows 7 Beta Build 7000 to the public. Is Windows 7 better than Windows Vista? The answer to this question is YES! The response time of Windows 7 is way faster than Windows Vista as well as performance. Even though it's still in beta stage, its quite stable actually.

One thing to note is that Windows 7 looks better if Windows Aero is enabled. You could run Windows 7 with the Basic theme but in my opinion, Windows Aero looks better. Buying a new graphics card should solve the problem.

Important Tips when getting Windows 7 Beta Build 7000:

1. If you are going to download Windows 7 (File Size - 2.3GB)(Format - ISO), make sure you have the following:

  • High Speed Internet Connection (1.5Mbps or more recommended)

  • An ISO Burner program (IMGBurn is free and is very easy to use. You don't have to get this program if you will be using another ISO burner.)

  • Have an empty partition on your hard drive ready. (Give Windows 7 at least 25GB of free space or more.)

  • Have 1 blank DVD+R or DVD-R disc.

2. Make sure your computer has at least 512MB of RAM and a good processor (2.0GHz or more recommended).

3. Please be aware that some drivers from Windows Vista have been removed from Windows 7. I'm not sure why though. It is best if you back up all of your drivers from Windows Vista with DriverMax. It is free and easy to use. Just make a free account so you can use it free forever. Save the backed up drivers on a flash drive or something. Copy and paste the backed up drivers onto the Windows 7 Desktop. Use Device Manager and it should be able to find the missing drivers needed. You could also use Drivermax on Windows 7 too.

Download Windows 7 Public Beta

That's pretty much it. This should get you started if you are going to test Windows 7 Beta Build 7000.


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The ribbon in everything?

God no!

Hey microsoft: The ribbon worked in office, because there were a lot of options, that could be well categorised.

I can only hope you see sense, and allow apps to use the ribbon if they want, else use the normal menus.

And offer free upgrades to 7 from vista :3

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People only think vista uses a lot of ram because they have no idea what it's actually doing :)

...those people don't know anything about computers at all

also, people who have eyes can see the difference between win vista and win 7, clearly...

i think it looks better than vista, and it's/it will be a better os anyway..

but i don't like ribbon! >.<

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Yes.. thx Jmymx1!!

People who think it looks like Vista. YES. it does look like vista because it's running Vista's Aero UI.

But the changes are a lot, as per Win7 Developers, UNDER THE HOOD.

If there will be a major UI overhaul or not, it's undecided for now. Right now most of the screenies you will encounter will be running with Vista UI with certain tweaks visible. So shut it for now about UI.

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