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How do I get my desktop to look like this?

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//Oversized Image Linked. -NC

I am mainly intrested in how he was able to enter words instead of pictures for his object dock, what program he is using for the hdd monitor, and what program is he using to set those icons ( Music and Pictures) I could probably to something similar with object dock, but I dont think there is an option to make the words stay on screen like that without having to do a mouse roll over

Thx in advanced.

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The Visual Style is some transparent one, they're all over deviantart

The rainmeter skin is HUD.vision

Don't know the wallpaper

object dock background looks like a simple transparent rectangle, icons can be made manually in photoshop for personal use, as i do for my OD icons

I'm not particularly sure how the icons for Music and the HDD's are done, possibly a second dock

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err, i think that is an object dock. anyway object dock can do that too.

it's just a icon or png, which you can change.

abslutely, this pic have many programs


2 rainmeters at right (weather and power indicater)

1 rainlendar (it's a carlendar under dock.)

at the bottom left, may be a avetune or wimamp (1.x-3.x skins)

to run all of these, you need to dl more than 5 programs - -"

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The taskbar has been made transparent with the Fadebar app by nookian or similar. App get:


Apparently you need a visual style that works well with Fadebar to make it look good. nookian provides one here:


In the quicklaunch I see an icon with a red moon. I guessing this may be Shutoff, also by nookian. I use this myself and it's really good. App get:


The "worded" icons for a dock are either BASIC5 by Otisbee, The Kobhens by Robert Urso (from which BASIC5 is based) or a derivative thereof.

Lucid Icons by leechiahan are somewhat similar and may be of interest. Icons get:


The Kobhens

Lucid Icons

Since it is clear s/he is using Winamp, I believe the "now playing" like widget on the bottom left is a skin for CDArt Display. It comes as a stand alone

install or as a plugin for Winamp, foobar2000 or Media Monkey. I recommend downloading the CAD 2.0 beta 5 so you can use some of the newer and

better skins for it. Otisbee has a very nice selection over at Deviantart. (After installing CAD 2.0 you associate it with which ever player you have. If

you would like it to also open with another one of your players, download the appropriate plugin.) App+Skins get:

CAD 2.0 beta 5

Otisbee CAD Skins

Winamp Modern Skins

As mentioned above, the weather widget, to-do list, etc. can be achieved with Rainmeter, Samurize or similar. If you have never

used such tools, you may prefer to download the impressive Enigma desktop suite by Kaelri. It should give you some sort of framework to start

fiddling with these tools. Apps get:




Not sure how s/he has titles next to the music and pictures icons. I assume it's either Objectdock, Rocketdock, XWindowsDock or

something similar. As for that wallpaper... HERE, knock yourself out. I'm sure you'll find something.

If you look around, I am sure there are many other solutions than the ones I have mentioned. Good luck.

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ok its easy

dock is rk launcher, or object dock or rocket dock, u choose what u want it to be

the numbers under the dock is the calendar, railendar

the pictures and music and drives are a program called avedesk

a transparent theme, easy to find

and CD art display for the small player next to start menu

and the weather is a docklet from avedesk


any questions???

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I got it figured out, or close to.

This individual is using Rainmeter combined with the HUD Vision config pack

I use the same HUD Vision display on my system

For the The upper dock, it is Rocketdock with custom PNG icons, very easily made with The Gimp.

The lack of aero or solid substance can be had by combining Vista Glazz and any number of Vista themes from DeviantART

I could simulate this desktop (minus the wallpaper) in a couple of hours

Rainmeter can be downloaded at:


HUD Vision pack can be downloaded at:


The Gimp can be downloaded at:


Vista Glazz can be downloaded at:


Then pick a Glass look you like from here:


The items on the left are also either a Samurize pack, but I believe it is also a rainmeter config pack, I just can't remember which one at the moment.


The items on the right are avedesk, with some customized desklets.

These couls easily be simulated in both rainmeter or samurize, but if yiu wish ti utilize multiple applications to do the jib of one.

Avedesk can be found here:


Of all of these the only heavily active utility is Samurize.

Most of the applets used in the desptop in question is Rainmeter with the HUD Vision display

One thing for certain, everything you see here is free software

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One way to speed up your computer is to get a good PC Optimizer and Registry cleaner from Intel Software Directory. I think it's either Docky or CairoDock that's been used to replace the standard desktop bars in Gnome. I'm quite happy with the default Gnome look, so I've never tried using either of them myself. Consequently I don't really know much about them. Your best bet is probably to do a bit of googling about Docky and/or Cairo Dock, then install one of them and have a play! I don't think you can have both installed at the same time, I think it's a case of having one or the other. But I could be wrong!


Download Vlc Player

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