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Flash for iPhone?

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Gawsh dang dat jobz.

But seriously, it seems like technical reasons. Flash player is stupidly inefficient anyway, it'd eat the iPhone's battery for breakfast.

Just wait, I bet one'll come out.

yeah maybeits like adobe is the selfish kid in the cafetaria and won't share his sandwhiches to the poor-starving kid.

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Flash as a whole kinda sucks anyway, most of it is used for crappy animated adverts (which I don't see [<3 Adblock plus]), crappy online games (with a few exceptions) and crappy animations. Most places with non-user generated content have switched away from the embedded flash player in their sites anyway.

Finally, if Flash ever comes on the iPhone, what's to stop Sun from wanting Java on it too, what's to stop Microsoft demanding Silverlight on it?

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