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i really enjoy this browser (chrome) but until there is a tool that is as powerful as adblock plus, i seriously doubt i'll use it on a day-to-day basis, maybe as a backup. Even the garish blue theme doesn't dissuade me from it. The funny thing is, it seems to be firefox with all my tweaks all built in (no statusbar, toolbars minimized, etc etc) The first time i saw 'google incognito' it looked so cool :D

edit: looks like an adblock tool is in development

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will you make one kinsemon ? ( a Safari style ) maybe, yes I'm sure, oh I can't wait, he he thank's kinsemon;)

Well, everybody and his brother are already scrambling over each other about releasing themes, 'transparent' styles and whatnot. Some over at Winmatrix are even squabbling over who's nuts are bigger, XD. Anyway, i also started poking around inside...

Btw, an official Google Chrome Theme site is up?... http://www.freechromethemes.com/

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About Commands

about: ->show version info

about:version -> same to about:

about:cache -> show cache content

about:plugins -> show info of plugins installed

about:memory ->show memory usage

about:crash -> crash the tab

about:dns -> show dns info, like time

about:network -> network tools

about:stats -> shh! this page is secret!

about:internets -> the tubes are clogged!

about:histograms ->histograms resume

my favourite is the about:internets easter egg


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That skin site looks nice :) I've tried the Mac skin, but I still prefer the original :D

I'll try the other skins later.

This is how Google Chrome looks like on my pc:


(it's xp, btw)

I'm enjoying Chrome. I'm trying to get used to it...

I like the nice overview of 'history' (ctrl+h) and also the cool animations when you download sth :P lol

I'll try using this for a few days...

Oh yeah: it doesn't support GDI++ though...

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Well I think everyone is trying to pull the flaws of chrome and want to get into headlines. I think chrome is the hot topic among webmaster and all internet biggys. If they are able to show some flaws they will immediately got the attraction.

This is just happening in pasts and again happening here ...

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