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New Nano Leaks...?

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I can't speak for everyone in the room, but I'm not all that excited about the possibility of the iPod nano returning to its long, skinny origins. Originally repulsed by the latest iteration of nano, the deformed, squat body won me over the first time I actually held it in my hand. And it instantly made the styling of its thin predecessor seem like a vanity deviceā€”a lipstick-like accessory, not something designed to easily play my music. Anyway, these concept mock-ups by flickr's Umpa reminded me that skinny is still pretty hot. Widen the screen a tad and I might be sold, again. Bonus shot:


You see, putting Wall-E on the screen makes the concept oh so much more convincing. And adorable.


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That is bloody gorgeous and sensible at the same time. Niceee find Phantom... and I agree, I would also like to see the screen bit more wider (proper 16x9 res). That would be really hot. I was never into Nano's practically (space issues), but I would like to see this realizing.

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nice render... loving the gloss... but yeah I really am inclined to believe the earlier shots of the silver nano with curved screen were real.

And these are just.. well second impresssions made by a fan. And why not?...

PS- I guess im supposed to believe that due to the lack of the middle button, and the iphone/ipod touch like interface that this is a touchscreen nano.

If thats the case, why include the clickwheel at all???... cool concept but FAKE.

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cool concept but FAKE.

LOL.... so you mean to say that CONCEPT is FAKE? ;)

from what I can see... it's a concept and it's "real" in it's own conceptual sense. Does not mean that it has be a real product. Well, I agree that the thread title is bit off saying it's a leak.... while clearly it is not. It is just an idea of fellow artist.

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I noticed the tiny writing on the back says 16GB, that'll be interesting to see.

Most people i know justify getting a Nano against a Touch or a Classic cause of its small form factor, a 16GB one would therefore lose iPod Touch sales for the crowd who like music, and Nano sales for everyone else. On another topic, TGDaily claims that all the iPods would see storage increases, ie. the Touch would get 64GB and the Shuffle 4GB. Can you imagine 4GB's of music on a device without a screen?

edit: just saw the qotd on my google reader:

Kevin Rose

from Quotes of the Day

"I don't care what it is, when it has an LCD screen, it makes it better."

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What's with the rotating click wheel? I'd put my money on this being a photoshop image. It has the touch graphics inside and the curved touch back. Personally, I have a thing against the skinny form factor. Besides all that, I really don't want a new nano to be released so my current 3G nano can rot in HELL!!!

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A pretty bad photoshop mockup..

And not a great concept. The screen shows a touch-screen (nicked directly from the iPhone), so why have a click wheel? Considering proportions; the buttons on screen would be a quarter the size of that on the iPhone and therfore completely impossible to use with a thumb.

The clickwheel would also be rendered useless in the dark, unless it was extremely bright; which is just a further drain on the battery.

I'm sticking with my Nano Touches =]

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Those mock-ups are sweet! If that were the new nano I would seriously think about getting one. No matter what iPod they come out with though I'm sticking with my 5th generation video until it dies. Unless the touch becomes much more affordable.... :D

About the iPhone style, it wouldn't need to be touch screen because those could just be indicators on the menu. I'm pretty sure that's not how the interface will be though.

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