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Wishlist: To quit restarting itself. This is with 2.0.2 installed, 3 3rd party apps. Hell, I had a call come in around 5pm today and didn't think anything of a VM until my phone restarted again, and there was a VM for 5:02pm. Too bad I received it 4 hours after it was sent. Not to mention the few times a call will come in and the caller can't hear me until I restart the phone.

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most importantly: break the deal with att and open that suckah up to all. then add copy/cut/paste already! sheesh!


More places to use the landscape mode and horizontal keyboard, support for more video codecs, customizable backgrounds (I am getting so sick of a black background), a different better looking dock (*insert my "give me back my reflective dock" song and dance*), stricter quality control in the App Store, fix the App Store on the iPhone (New apps are hardly "new", number of downloads don't work and can only view one screenshot), be able to read full descriptions and comments on YouTube app (hesitant about the comments, since everyone that does so sounds like a complete moron, but it would be nice to have the option), unified mail Inbox so I don't have to go into each account separately, and more options for things like auto-lock and alarms in calendars (perhaps add the spinner). That is all I can think of right now.

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