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WinCorners v1.0 - Hotcorners for Windows

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I just released a small utility to emulate OS X's hot corner functionality on Windows. It requires .NET 3.5 and is in a "Works for me" level of testing. It _should_ work on XP but I haven't tested it - it does work well on Vista. Feedback welcome. Screen shot and link(http://insidedanshead.spaces.live.com/):


Updated 8/19: I pushed a new version (v1.1.0) with a couple enhancements and a check to make sure you're installing on Vista. WinCorners does not work on XP.

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What's HotCorner? Give a brief summary of what this is.

Closest Apple Support page: http://docs.info.apple.com/article.html?pa.../en/mh2194.html

Essentially it's an OSX feature that enables you to activate certain features when you put your mouse cursor right into the corner of the screen- I only have one set to the top right which activates the screen saver but you can set any corner to do a variety of things.

Neat though, will have a bash when I get home onto my Windows machine.

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Cool - I'm glad it's working. I just pushed 1.1.0 that adds screensaver activation. Note that it won't lock your screen, just start your screen saver. If you want it to lock the screen use "Lock Screen". I also added a check in the installer that you're using Vista - because of the DWM call I make it won't work on XP. -- Dan

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