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Nubs Usability Suggestions

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Add options for:

-Hide window when a nub is clicked and the window was already activated.

-Remove nub when a nub is clicked and the window is activated.

-Dragging a nub off of the edge brings back the window, or even turns into the window being dragged by ur cursor.

That would make it much more usable. As well, you're using the old font dialog that doesn't show all of the fonts on the PC..

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What do you mean 'if it worked'?


Yeah, nice way to treat a developer who releases something for free, using his own free time. ;)

I've used Nubs on and off since it was released, and apart for the odd little problem it works just nicely, anytime I've mentioned these problems Andrew has been more than willing to fixing them or point out where I'm going wrong.:)

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Phoshi, I don't think your take on english humor is the best way to go about encouraging more development. Comparing it to IE in that regard, even in jest, is downright disrespectful. Phoshi, please do not respond further to this thread. Your posts will be removed, as you've worn out your welcome. I would lock the thread, but I would like to encourage the other users to continue to participate.

Thanks for the backup mushu and mps, it's much appreciated.

EyesOfARaven, if you happen to revisit this thread, please post a screenshot of the font dialog you're seeing.

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