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What iPhone Apps do you use?

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I'm sure there are a handful of people here that have the iPhone, so what apps are you using from the App store? (no jailbreak crap).

Heres what I'm using.

  • Aurora Feint
  • Facebook
  • Google Mobile App
  • iWant
  • Last.fm
  • NetNewsWire (loving this)
  • Remote (best app in the store now)
  • Paypal
  • Sudoku (a free game done right)
  • Weatherbug (can't believe they made something decent)
  • WeDict
  • YPmobile

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Well, do iPod touches count?

  • NetNewsWire
  • SportsTap (probably get rid of this, it is the same freaking thing as their web-app)
  • AIM
  • WeatherBug
  • Remote
  • Google Mobile App
  • Last.fm (Jailbreak version was so much better :( )
  • eBay Mobile
  • PayPal
  • Movies.app
  • Blip Solitare
  • Sudoku (Free)

No payware yet. Developers haven't convinced me that they can make quality apps, that aren't we-apps or use something else I can get for free.

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