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Reflect Demo

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Hi. First post here at Aqua-soft.

The name is Solo. I write apps. I have been doing so for the past, oh 25+ years.

Anyway, About a month ago i released an app that would put an active reflection on your desktop, and Lord Devrexter asked me to make a simple app that would reflect docks, and i was kinda busy at the time, so i could not.

well, i see that montoya release one, so i went in, modded my original app (in like 30 minutes...) and made this small demo.


the download is also there too.

please ignore the ego in that post, eventually coding for 48 hours in a row, with Jolt Cola and super chunky chocolate chips will affect your mind.

Thanks! I look forward to visiting here more, and releasing my applications of unholy terror ... um.. er.... i mean releasing more apps here too. :D


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lol! good luck on that! it is hard enough to find around here as it is!

i ACTUALLY have three bottle of unopened Surge in my closet that i am saving for when i HAVE got to have a project done... and i am down to 5 cans of Jolt.

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congrats on the start of this Solo. :)

Just out of curiosity, how easy would it be for you to make a new window shadowing app for windows XP to replace YzShadow's current reign as the sole means to achieve such window dressings?

The goals might be:

~ to improve on YzShadow's performance (by that I mean, the program was last updated, what, 7 years ago? there's gotta be greater knowledge out there for implementing an improved program such as this by now.)

~ to allow for shadows on the top edge of a window, not just for the left, right, bottom edges as is currently with YzShadow.

~ subtle effects, like the fading in and out of shadows when a window is opened, moved, etc.

~ allow for exceptions, like YzShadow does of course.

~ maybe build the reflections option into this app?

What do you think? Is this too tall an order?

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