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Which Webmail is better?

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Its really hard to shift from one webmail to another and I think thats why I am still attach to yahoo. Although I tried to use Google but since my all friends are in Yahoo Messenger so I am not able to do that.

But I think Gmail is really grabbing the market.

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I used Yahoo for a long time and liked the functions. But for two years now, some functions (like e-mail forwarding) have been moved to the paid version of it (if you register a new account).

I'm using Windows Live now only because I could get a unique address and at the same time it's quite functional for me :P

wow... who would pay for an email service... o_o

especially when there's a free and better service called Gmail. It's like some companies only care about money nowadays... next thing you know we'll be paying for Yahoo! Widgets.

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From the first day of my internet usage I was using Yahoo and till date my email address was same. I just love yahoo as this one really have many features such as Yahoo Messenger, Yahoo Groups and many more.

I am thinking to have professional yahoo so that I can have Pop3 access as well.

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I am stick to Yahoo and so far this one is my primary email address. Swiching from one webmail to another webmail is not possible if you are a professional person. Because my all clients have my yahoo email address and giving them new ID mean confusing them more.

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I prefer Yahoo because my first email account created on yahoo and I am still using this one. My all friends, relatives and colleagues are sending their email on this yahoo account only. I tried to shift to gmail but that will increase my work pressure and I will have to maintain two email accounts simultaneously.

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I have switched to gmail from Yahoo. For the initial period I was using both so that I should not miss anything. But now everything is shifted to gmail. But however once in a week or may be twice in a week I check my yahoo as well.

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If you are looking for less spam than you should go for Gmail and there is no doubt about that. But if you want to have some other good features with quality stuff than I think Yahoo is much better choice. Because I think Yahoo messenger is far better than Gtalk. Yahoo groups have variety and you will find group on almost every topic.

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